Our Story

My name is Denard, owner of Culture Fashion House. I started the brand out of my passion for art and the finer things in life. I've always been very big on details and the small things that most people overlook, so it just felt right to create a premium brand to showcase that obsession to the world.

The idea came to me around 2013, when I was serving a 7 year prison sentence. While in prison I'd  always read fashion magazines and notice how Id consistently be drown to articles about art, fine dining and designer brands. I would admire how it could take a brand 7 days to make one bag because perfection was first among everything else.

It was in that prison cell I discovered my passion for design, art and extreme attention to detail. So when I finally came home in 2018 the decision was made to start a clothing label, but I struggled to come up with a name. The name Culture Fashion House finally came to me in 2020, and the brand was born.

Culture represents my upbringing in  Chicago Public Housing and the different things I've done growing up, like eating free meals Monday-Friday with my friends in the 2rd floor cafeteria. Or posting the handwritten menu in the lobby for the dinners my mother sold.

Fashion House represents my passion for detail and the finer things in life. The idea of anything premium instantly excites me. It could be clothing or a 5 star meal or a 5 star hotel. That's because I understand premium comes with a higher level of execution and attention to the small things, which is what I'm all about.

So I decided to infuse both to give you my story of premium. With Culture Fashion House you can always expect premium quality fabrics and design elements that represent my interpretation of art and culture. My attention to detail insures you will always get premium quality to tell YOUR story the right way